Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Shake Up Your Sandwiches With These 3 Flatbreads

Martha Mitchell

Flatbread is becoming more popular in sandwich shops and bakeries all over the place. But what is flatbread, really? Just as with regular sliced bread, there are different varieties of flatbreads, and each has different flavors and nutritional benefits. Trying out different varieties of flatbreads can help bring new flavors to your favorite sandwiches and other bread-based meals and snacks. Take a look at a few varieties of flatbread that you should definitely try.


If you have access to a Middle Eastern bakery, you'll definitely want to pick up some naan. This flatbread, which originated in India, is notable for its soft texture. This comes from the fact that naan is usually made with milk or yogurt, making it softer and more tender than other types of bread. Naan is cooked in a clay oven called a tandoor, and it develops bubbles in the places where the bread comes in contact with the hot clay.

Naan is great for hot sandwiches, and it's also a good choice for eating with soups, stews, or other dishes where you need bread to soak up juices from the rest of the food.


Don't eat sandwiches that often? Lavash may be the right kind of flatbread for you if you want to ensure that you have bread around when you need it, but don't want to worry that the bread you don't use will go bad. This Armenian flatbread is soft when it's hot out of the oven, but it dries out to become hard and brittle like a cracker. In this form, it can be safely stored for months. When you want to use it, simply rehydrate it by sprinkling it with water.

Lavash often contains toasted sesame or poppy seeds. It's a great choice for making wraps with deli meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables.


If you're craving a taste of Italy, you can't beat focaccia bread. This Italian specialty is reminiscent of pizza dough, and it's traditionally cooked on a stone hearth. Focaccia is sometimes sold with toppings like meat and cheese, olive oil and herbs, or fruit and honey.

Focaccia is a great choice for gourmet mini-pizzas or open-faced sandwiches. It also works well as a side dish or appetizer and can also be used to soak up liquid from soups, stews, and sauces.

Although flatbreads are trendy now, they're not new – these and other types of flatbreads have long been staples for many cultures around the world. Visit a local bakery in your area to try the flatbreads and introduce your taste buds to a new world of flavors. Discover more on the variety and uses of flatbread.


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