Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Ordering At A Mexican Restaurant For The First Time? Get To Know The Condiments

Martha Mitchell

From popular Americanized dishes like tacos and quesadillas to more foreign menu items like frijoles negro and carne asada, there are all kinds of wonderful selections that are worthy of you trying the first time you go to a Mexican restaurant. Besides the traditional domestic food places, like burger joints and steak houses, Mexican restaurants could easily be considered one of the most popular places to dine.

However, if you have never eaten at one of these places (like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering), your first trip inside can leave you a little puzzled with some of the things on the menu, especially where condiments are concerned because they will often be offered as an optional addition to the dish you order. Take a look at some of the most popular Mexican condiments you should get familiar with before your first trip to a Mexican restaurant. 

Pico de Gallo 

Literally translated to "rooster's beak," you might find yourself curious if you want this with your fajitas or not when you place your order for food. Rest assured, however, there is nothing relative to chicken in this condiment. Pico de gallo is a savory blend of fresh vegetables, sometimes fruits, and spices, such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, lime juice, and cucumbers. Think of pico de gallo as a fresh salsa of sorts that goes well with many Mexican dishes or simply served with fresh tortilla chips. 


Guacamole could be considered one of the most common Mexican condiments and you will no doubt find it listed on the menu as part of some of the dishes you can choose from. Guacamole is made up of a base of mashed avocados that is infused with other chopped savory veggies like tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Guacamole can range in flavor from one Mexican restaurant to the next, so if you try it at one and don't care for it, it is always worth giving it a go at a different place. 

Mole Sauce 

Mole sauce is a traditional Mexican condiment that tends to be served with meats and some other dishes you will find on the menu. Mole sauce is a rich blend of ingredients like onions, peppers, fruits, and spices like cumin and even cinnamon or cocoa. Mole sauce can come in many different varieties according to the dish it would complement the best. So don't be surprised if you see alternative forms of mole sauce, such as black or red mole sauce, which both have their own distinctive flavors. 


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