Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Saving Money On Your Daily Coffee Habit: Here's How

Martha Mitchell

If you're one of many people who wake up bleary-eyed and doesn't feel fully energized until you've had a morning cup of your favorite coffee, you know that cost adds up. From coffee pods to creamer and other supplies, your daily coffee habit could get overly expensive if you're not paying attention. The advice here can keep your coffee costs under control:

Order Pods Online

Whether you use Keurig K-cups or another brand for your modern coffee machine, you'll have to pick up pods on a regular basis. You can very well save money on them if you investigate online prices because some online retailers can offer much lower prices than you can find locally. Once you calculate the costs for the month, you may find that online ordering is the best way to go. In addition to spending less, you may find that you're exposed to new flavors and blends that may not be available at your local stores. You could find your new favorite coffee and save cash too.

Reuse Grounds

If you're not using pods and are instead using ground coffee in your machine, when the grounds have been used to make a pot of coffee, you might just throw them out. However, if you can find more uses for the coffee grounds, you can save money in other ways. For instance, instead of buying compost or soil food for your lawn, you can use the coffee grounds you were about to toss out. You might also consider using the grounds to keep ants and other pests away, as coffee doesn't smell good to them and contains substances that could be irritating to them.

Purchase Whole Beans

For fresher, cheaper coffee, you may opt to just purchase the beans instead of coffee that's already been ground or put into pods. A one-time purchase of a small grounder can help you grind the beans down, but because you're doing that work yourself, you may notice costs go down ever so slightly. For an even better taste, you can even grind the beans down more than once to produce tinier granules. Not only could your coffee seem smoother, you'll be using less coffee overall, which can also bring costs down.

When you're more conscious of how much you're spending to sustain your coffee drinking, you can ensure that costs stay reasonable. Talk with other coffee drinkers to find out if they've got more suggestions for you.

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