Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

On A Tight Budget? Four Ways To Save On Catering Costs

Martha Mitchell

The average wedding cost somewhere around $26,000. What makes up nearly half of this figure? Catering, venue, and other rental costs. For most people this is a considerable amount of money to come up with so eliminating invoice shock and other surprises is important. Fortunately, you can take much of the stress and guesswork out by learning how to save money on your catering expenses.

Set a Realistic Guest List

Catering companies typically charge per head, or plate. Naturally, the more people in attendance, the more expensive the cost. Your day is about showcasing you and your partner's love to your friends and family, not the entire world. If you're inviting the neighbor you only see at the mailbox or your classmate from the third-grade that you haven't seen in years, you're only driving up costs. Keep your guest list tight to save money.

Ask About Standard Packages

When you order a menu item at a restaurant and start making changes, such as extra cheese or extra shrimp, what do you typically expect? An increased cost. Caterers often have standard packages. Order the service as is and you will have a clear idea what the price is. Start making changes and the costs may go up. If you're on a really tight budget, stick with standard options.

Plan Your Options Properly

Steak and seafood is not a requirement at every wedding. If you aren't taking into account the overall ambience of the reception and your guests, you could simply be wasting your money. For instance, if your reception is going to be more of a party, skip the formal dinner for a buffet-style menu full of finger foods. It's your wedding, so it's all about what you want. Don't try to fit into an idea. Be yourself.

Be Strict About Invitations

When you send out invitations, there's bound to be someone who asks if they can bring a guest. Saying yes to everyone won't just throw off your seating arrangement, it can also increase catering costs. When you create a contract, they caterer plans based on the number of guests you state. When you come back two weeks before the wedding requesting food for an additional twenty-five people, this translates into more food and labor on the part of the caterer, which means greater costs for you.

Keeping your catering costs manageable has everything to do with planning. Sit down with your partner and your wedding caterer and take these tips into consideration to enjoy your day, without the stress of financial strai. 


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