Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Tantalizing Gifts For The Wine-Enthusiast In Your Life

Martha Mitchell

Want to give a wine-enthusiast a gift that they will love? If you are trying to find the perfect gift, start with a visit to your favorite wine retailer or online site to find unique, wine-themed products that are perfect for the occasion.

Some tantalizing gifts for the wine-lover in your life include:

A special varietal. Naturally, a wine-lover is going to adore a bottle of their favorite wine. Make the gift extra-special by splurging on a special vintage, new label, or upgrading the bottle to a magnum.

An aerator. Consider giving your wine-lover a wine aerator. This ensures that every bottle is perfectly oxygenated and allowed to breathe before drinking.

Whimsical wine-markers. There are so many cute and clever wine markers on the market right now. Check your favorite retailer to find some that reflect the personality of the recipient, or make your own! Follow an online tutorial to make your wine-enthusiast a very personal and useful gift.

Gorgeous glasses or goblets. Giving a gift of gorgeous glasses or goblets is always appreciated by a wine-enthusiast. Consider crystal champagne flutes or stemless wine glasses for something different.

A divine decanter. Anyone who drinks aged wines needs a decent decanter to remove the tannins and debris from the bottle before drinking. Look for beautiful crystal decanters that will be a special gift that the recipient enjoys for years to come.

A picnic basket. Another great gift for someone who enjoys a glass of wine is a picnic basket. Choose one that has compartments for wine tools, glasses, and a bottle or two of wine. These are found widely, in small personal-sized baskets and large wicker trunks.

A tasty pairing. What about something to pair with the recipient's favorite varietal? For instance, a chunk of expensive cheese to go with a glass of after-dinner Port. Or, consider giving the recipient a gift-card to a gourmet shop where they can find snacks, foods, and delicacies to pair with their favorite bottle.

Wine-guides. Another great gift for someone who is truly fascinated by wine is a wine-guide. These are found featuring regions, vintages, or types of wines that can be a helpful resource for those that enjoy tasting and sampling new wines.

When you want to give a wine-lover a gift, consider these suggestions. Wine retailers, like JJ Buckley Fine Wines, sites, and sommeliers may be able to recommend additional options to suit your occasion, recipient, and budget.


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