Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Using Spices To Create Flavorful Meals

Is Your Company Hosting Its First Annual Picnic? 3 Types Of Event Ice To Order

Martha Mitchell

An annual company picnic is a great way to encourage team building while getting your employees out of their homes and offices. Whether your company picnic is a formal corporate-style event or one that is casual and family friendly, one thing you can count on is having to make sure that everyone stays cool. Event ice comes in several different forms that all serve specific purposes. Thinking through all of the reasons why you may need ice helps you make sure that you have the right types available for a perfect event.

Plan for General Beverage Ice

You'll want to first make sure to have enough ice on hand for everyone to keep their beverages cold. Beverage ice is the type that most people are familiar with, and it should come in medium-sized chunks that are easy to manage. You can estimate the amount of beverage ice that you need by getting a general count of how many drinks you expect to serve. You might also want to get extra if you plan to keep soda cans and other drinks in a self-serve ice bath.

Create Perfect Mixed Drinks With Cocktail Ice

Cocktails require a different type of ice, and you'll want to consider the types of cocktails that are being served at your event. For instance, larger chunks of ice are ideal for drinks that are shaken since they help to mix the ingredients without diluting them. Other types of cocktails require a finer type of ice that create more of a slush effect. For a fully stocked bar, you might need to get both types of ice.

Keep Food Cold With Large Chunk Ice

Special event ice also helps to keep food at the right temperatures. Depending upon the food you serve, you can usually manage this critical part of planning a picnic by having enough bags of chunk ice to keep the dishes on. Chunk ice allows you to nestle serving trays and dishes slightly into the chunks so that all of the sides are also kept cold. To prevent rapid melting, look for chunk ice in larger sizes so that your food does not get waterlogged.

Consider Having Block Ice for Sculptures

Your company picnic can also be made extra special by adding a few ice sculptures. Block ice is another type that people use for events that is large enough to be carved into things such as the company logo. Ice sculptures create a dramatic effect, and larger sizes can typically stand up to mild outdoor temperatures. Placing the sculptures in an event tent can prolong their beauty.

To learn more about the importance of planning for event ice at your gathering, contact professionals in your area. 


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